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Book 1 - Andi Saddles Up  
    Andi Carter has just turned nine. She and her palomino filly, Taffy, are old enough to be a real horse-and-rider pair at last! With a beautiful new saddle, Andi is sure she's ready to learn to trick ride like her friend Riley used to do before he left the ranch.  
    Sadly, big brother Chad knocks down any trick-riding plans, but Andi cheers up when she discovers a new friend at her special spot. Her fun with Sadie is soon threatened, though. They are caught in the middle of a 
Book 2 - Andi Under the Big Top 
    The summer after Andi turns nine, the circus comes to town. Andi can't wait to get in line to see the elephants, the acrobats, and--most of all--the champion bareback rider. What could be more thrilling than riding your very own horse under the big top?
    Then she meets Henry Jackson, a small boy selling circus treats.  Andi thinks his job must be perfect. He gets to spend his days with happy clowns, exotic animals, and excited visitors. 
    But it's not all fun and games. Henry shares a secret with Andi. He ran away from home to join the circus--and now he's trapped. Andi wants to help him get home. But helping him may mean losing something very special to her. 
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Life on the Circle C Ranch in 1877
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boundary quarrel between the two families. Both Sadie's pa and Chad are stubborn as mules, and neither will back down. 
    Can Andi and Sadie hang on to their friendship while the adults are fighting? 
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Andi's new friend